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A Day in My Favorite Bodysuit

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I love a good one-and-done piece of clothing. I've always been a big fan of bodysuits for this reason and now I officially have a favorite. Just LOOK at how this shapes my décolleté so gorgeously- if I do say so myself.

This is the tank bodysuit in Astral white by Honeylove.

I'm thrilled that I don't have to wear other undergarments with it, pure simplicity. The built-in bra smoothes my curves with a slight boning to the sides for shape, but without digging. The gusset closure at the bottom is adjustable and easy to get in and out of. I absolutely love how the edges of the rear have a no-slip grip to keep it from gathering and bunching. There are two different strap options (this is the wide), which are great for staying put on the shoulder but rest comfortably on you while giving support.

Mornings typically start with a big coffee and my planner.

I like to marinate in my pj's for a second to give myself some much-needed time to sit and reflect on my to-do's. I've got many work hustles that change from day to day, so staying on top of it requires major organizational skills or I will forget. Something like a slip and silk robe over top of the bodysuit is just the right quick and easy coverage where I don't have to think about it if someone comes to the door or to let the dogs out in the yard. Sidebar: how is it that every time the meter guy comes is when I'm the most unprepared? He's seen me at my most vulnerable more than the few people in my inner circle. Last time it was with bleach on my roots and a salon cape...cute.

Getting a jump on errands before the rush is major goals on a busy day with multiple stops. Being a small business owner of a boutique means I've got orders to pick up, shipments to drop off, and a million little tasks, so I don't always have time to plan an outfit.

In this case, I can quickly change from a slip to jeans and I'm out the door.

In my humble opinion, a flattering bodysuit and jeans are as much a staple in every women's wardrobe as a little black dress or that one perfect leather jacket.

I highly recommend starting with your neutrals of one in black, one tan, and one white. You won't regret having them and will find how often you reach for one week to week. Don't sacrifice price for quality, an uncomfortable bodysuit can be a big downer. It's a staple you can treat yourself to, that will last you for years.


It's that time of the year when a lot of my friends are getting married, but due to the current circumstances, most aren't throwing a huge party so with small intimate weddings on the horizon, we can all dress down and be a bit more relaxed about what we wear.

A floral skirt paired over a bodysuit is the perfect combo for a low-key afternoon ceremony.

The bride can opt to wear this as well, perhaps afterward as her dinner and dancing outfit. She could even have it layered under the gown and then toss a white tulle skirt over after the vows. With its built-in bra and underwear that shapes and smooths, sounds like such a fuss-free alternative to a girdle or corset.

Home, and it's time to kick off my shoes and pop on some cozy stuff.

I have these fuzzy soft sweatpants and socks that are my favorite to pop on over camisoles and bodysuits. Movie nights in are still deserving of feeling cute af.

In one day you can successfully shift from one occasion to the next while keeping your base layer the same. It's brilliant!

Be sure to check out all the other colors and styles that Honeylove has to offer on their website and thank you to Honeylove and their team for knocking yet another wonderful piece of shapewear out of the park, purely obsessed.




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