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Accessorizing a very "Girlie" Dress

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Today, I thought I'd scootch over to the rose gardens to see how they're looking for Spring so far plus, I wanted to frolic in this outfit somewhere that would do it justice.

Like a gorgeous rose with its thorns, an uber girlie dress needs an edge if you ask me.

There's a fine balance where being a grown-ass woman, I can still rock the look of a babydoll style, ruffly, flirty dress shape without looking like you want to "hand me a lolli" and send me to school. I heard that particular quote from Housewives of BH and was partly offended and partly laughing...if you know you know or go watch the newest season, you'll hear it from Garcelle in reference to Crystal's (I thought beautiful) outfit, but I digress.

In order to balance such an outfit, it's always about the accessories.

Harnesses have been a steady trend for some time now, and I understand why. They're a nice twist on a simple waist belt, which I still love, but add an extra edginess that I can appreciate. They go great over dresses and even t-shirts and really style up an outfit. When in doubt, throw one on to see if that helps add that extra sump-sump you might have needed.

It's the perfect touch for this dress in this case.

Then there are HATS.

Hats all day every day if you ask me. For some reason, whenever I have on a hat it's as if I'm making some grand statement. People stare. It's 2022 wear hats nearly every day but when a woman puts one on, they wonder if you're going to the derby. Chill folks. It's a hat. I have my summer go-to which is usually these basket style hats which also helped balance this look.

I went with some fun color-block sneakers and a pink straw purse. Perhaps if it's a statement color, double down and just go for it with even more in a monochromatic intentional drip. I think any basket purse would be a good one for this style in particular since I was going for a Spring-friendly vibe but with a twist. Sandals would be very cute too but as I said, I wanted to dress this down to something more day-to-day/relatable and I think it worked. It's funny how sneakers are the international sign for "I'm chillin'".

My makeup tomorrow will also be inspired by today's visit to the rose garden, so I will include the key products I used for that look below too. The featured dress here was thrifted with no brand tag information however, I've linked something similar to everything you see above if you'd like to shop this look. Shoes were Michael Kors collection and the Kate Spade purse was purchased in the outlets years ago. I did my best to find something comparable and affordable for you.

And just a little info about the garden because it was so magical, it needs a moment here-

So far most of the buds were starting but not flowered yet, but the smelllllll...the smell throughout the park was as if the entire place was already full of the colorful blanket of floral fragrance you'd expect at full bloom. The air was sweet and romantic. I wanted to bottle it up and take it home with me. I look forward to returning later this month to see all the roses blooming and might just sit and read for a while so I can huff the air like an elephant.

All in all,

I knew I'd find the perfect place to compliment this outfit and get across what I'm trying to say with how I choose my styling. No matter what, just throw on a harness and a cute hat and people will compliment you regardless, it's the magical touch.



*The products linked above are from my webshop exclusively here on Paper Dolls, not in my physical store.

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