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PNW Inspired Autumn Table Decor

Autumn table decor
The Set Up

Autumn has arrived!

Which means it's time we change our home decor to all things pumpkin, maybe some skeletons sprinkled in, and pops of orange and brown. I always look forward to changing my dining room table setting and yes, I will change it again for Christmas. I think I get a little more excited for autumn because we've waited all through the hot dry summer and wildfires to be able to enjoy a little cozy weather for once. I also just love the overall vibe of Fall decor i.e. colorful leaves, earthy neutral colors and patterns, the opportunity to play with various types of foraged greenery, and bringing the outdoors in.

Autumn Table decor ideas
Last Years' Table "The Minimalist Year"

Autumn Table Inspiration
This Year: PNW Inspired Table

Last year I went for a minimalist look- this year I wanted to go for something inspired by the Pacific Northwest, so I started with a fern as the focal point, if you live here, you know ferns grow all over the PNW forest beds. I then went for a plaid table runner as a base to build the table. A friend of mine dropped off a bundle of adorable gourds and pumpkins from her garden so I used a few of those for a pop of color. I highly recommend when decorating, find the one piece that inspires you the most, and then fix the table around that, adding things that will complement it either from around the house, thrifting, or the home stores. I like to incorporate things I already had with a few new items so it's a unique look every year.

Tincture of Toad from Target
A Witch at Heart

I found these two lantern lights that interchange color with an LED in Target's $3 and $5 section. These were quite a score considering that section tends to sell out within a day when it comes to spooky season so I caught it just in time. They’re battery-operated and great for popping on in the evenings, giving the area a little glow. I also have this vintage green glass lantern and had to actually have lamp oil shipped here because it’s really hard to find these days, who knew? But it works and is a beautiful ambient light.

I do plan on foraging for some more real branches and leaves but we had a very dry summer, so finding anything that’s not completely dried up has been a bit of a challenge. I also think that rosemary would’ve been a nice alternative to the fern so perhaps for Christmas, rosemary would be the perfect plant to elevate a festive table since it has the smell of pine and looks very much like an evergreen. You can also choose to go with various types of herbs, like sage or thyme in a little clay pot as your centerpiece and repurpose them in your Thanksgiving dinner. I also added the decorative kale plant to the table for something I felt reminded me of the Little Shop of Horrors Audrey 2 and seemed perfect for the Hissing Hexes candle to glow next to.

Decorative Halloween table setting
I Don't Kale, I think it looks great. :)

Grab a few various types of candles for moody lighting. I prefer going with real but flameless ones are great if you’re nervous about setting one of your plants too close to it. You can even pop them in a thrifted hurricane vase. I love using glass flower vases as candleholders, especially the tall pillar-shaped ones. You usually can get those types of vases in varying sizes at Goodwill. Then stagger them at different heights around the table. I also use trays to set things up at different heights so it's not just everything flat across the surface.

I will likely be fussing with this table all the way up until Christmas, adding pumpkins and candles and taking away. I think the key is balance, so if you look at it and it doesn't give you the "ahh that's it" feeling maybe move things around until you do. Pinterest is also a great place to get some inspo so don't forget to start your holiday boards now and start pinnin' away. I seriously don't know what I would do without Pinterest, it is such an inspiring place to get new ideas and I hope I've been able to give you a couple of ideas here too.

Autumn table setting
xoxo Seanna

Let me know if you are doing a festive table this year and if you are, tell me some of your favorite tips!

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