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Banana Split Inspired Makeup

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I really enjoy doing an out-of-the-box makeup look inspired by things I love, and as your girl is nearing her sixth month of sobriety, I will tell you one thing is start to have a strong appreciation for ice cream as your reward from time to time. Last night, I couldn't get the image of a banana split out of my head so when I woke up I had a little fun with this interpretation of it. The colorful dessert came alive with banana yellow eyeshadow, topped with a glitter texture to mimic the peel, fudge retro graphic liner, and a cherry pop of color on top of the lips glistening with the most potent gloss I could find. Then, it's a Neopolitan dream of creamy pink blush and chocolate bronzer on a matte vanilla foundation base.

Want to lick my face now?

All products used are listed below if you'd like to get this dreamy treat for that beautiful face of yours.




Anastasia Soft Glam Palette (for the brown shades- cypress umber & rustic)

Lilac St. French Lace 14mm lash extensions




KKW Red Liner (OOS)

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