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Boho Christmas Table 2023

Boho Table Setting
Boho Table Setting

I'm happy to say I was able to find everything used in this year's table by just poking around the house and in my Christmas decor bins. Having lots to choose from to mix-and-match makes each year a versatile option. Most things were thrifted, some from the Target $3 & $5, and some were gifted from previous years.

Boho Christmas Tablescape
Pine cones and Pine Trees

My recommendation is:

  1. Pinterest ideas for what you want (Boho, minimalist, black Christmas, rustic, etc.)

  2. Get everything out that fits the theme so you can see it (whether you use it or not)

  3. Start taking away things that are too much or too big for the table

  4. Start with a clean surface and lay down your table runner of choice

  5. Build on the runner with different layers of height using trays and pedestals

  6. Forage for pine tree limbs and pine cones outside

  7. You can use a Rosemary plant or a mini Christmas tree for a centerpiece too

  8. Keep moving things around until you feel that butterfly. I get the "YES" moment and that's how I know I'm done.

Christmas table plate and charger
Stacked Charger Plates

Chargers allow for a decorative layer of plate stacking that gives it that extra somethin'. Then I just stack all of our festive plates on top and garnish with a napkin and ring. I tucked cinnamon sticks into the ring to add a little fragrance to the table.

Boho Christmas table setting
Garland and ornaments galore

Garland and ornaments can double as table decorations too, then candles add the ambiance to help twinkle anything on the table that sparkles. Just keep playing until it feels right.

Boho Christmas table
Xoxo Seanna

Happy decorating!

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