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Everett Lookbook: The Mugler Tee

Updated: May 31, 2023

This H&M x Thierry Muglar launch was highly anticipated. I put it in my phone calendar and waited for the day it went live to see if I could snag something. Most of what I wanted (in my price range) sold out right away but luckily there were still some of the t-shirts left and they weren't crazy expensive. I've actually also noticed that now some of the items are coming back in stock which could be returns, cancelled orders, or whatever. Regardless, I'm content with my t-shirt and love the silver star Mugler emblem on the back and the quality of the fabric.

So where was I going in my new fancy pants top?

We headed up to Everett, WA for a quick afternoon visit to a friends' tattoo shop that just opened and to say hey. While my husband stayed to chat longer I walked over to the Goodwill and again, was blown away with how nice it was. That's two Goodwills in a month that were WAY nicer than my local one. They offer dressing rooms, bathrooms, and even bags to carry your stuff. None of these accommodations are available at my Goodwill which seems to be a bit uncool now that I think about it.

I found Everett's little downtown to be quite cute! I vlogged th experience which you can see here when it goes live. I found the most adorable vintage store and absolutely LOVED the owner, she was so helpful and made suggestions she thought I'd like. I learned all about her business and how it was her mother's whom had just passed. We even purchased an item that used to belong to her mom, I told her we'd take good care of it. Watch the vid if you want to know what it was!

The Outfit

Sunglasses are prescription

The Vlog of this Outfit

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