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Get Your Dream Bag: LV Monogram Purse (Used)

Girl in boho outfit with cowboy boots posing next to tree.
Everything is Thrifted but the Hat!

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My parents had me when they were in their early 20s. Dad was a mechanic and mom was a waitress going to night school to get her degree in graphic design. Needless to say, we didn't have a lot and my mom would take me thrifting for school clothes. It was our bonding time to catch up about school, boys, friends, you know-teenager stuff. We would get coffee and bagels and listen to music in her red Toyota truck on our way to the second-hand stores where they all knew her by name. I would get a huge haul of "new" clothes and if you were wondering if I treated the hallways like a runway every day in school then you'd be 100% correct.

I never knew how I'd get my hands on a bag like Louis Vuitton

...I just knew I wanted one. It was a dream bag I couldn't fathom owning. The Louis Vuitton monogram cabas piano.

Girl holding Louis Vuitton Monogram cabas piano handbag
Louis Vuitton Monogram Cabas Piano

It's not about status or flashy rich arrogance. It's not about being a snob with my expensive bag and shoving it in everyone's face. Half the time when I've got my purse with me during check out at the grocery store, I'm sweating at the increasing total with every beep...someone who could afford a brand new LV bag would never. I do feel like an imposter sometimes but you know what, this is my DREAM BAG so those thoughts can kick rocks.

I'm not going to go on and on about Louis Vuitton's history but I will say, if you haven't read about his story and how he got started making locking train cases in 1854, it's an interesting story. I love fashion history and anyone who complains about designer fashion houses and their prices, obviously isn't aware of the historical significance these designers have and the handcrafted artistry they put into each piece. THAT is why I dream about these things. I want to feel the fine craftsmanship on my fingertips. If you've ever felt something of finer quality like a designer bag or pair of shoes, the difference is indescribable. It's instantly noticeable. I always say, sometimes I speed shop at thrift stores purely by touch. I can scan a dress rack in seconds just by touching the sleeves.

Girl in boho outfit with cowboy boots outside style photoshoot
Frolicking in Style As Per

When I discovered The RealReal I first started working with them with video and blog content when they were still (in my eyes) a fairly small unknown company and I was an instant fan. You mean I can have my very own luxury purse? ME? Seanna the thrifter, the budget queen, the broke-ass-b?

I applied for their affiliate program and got accepted, then they started paying micro-influencers in credits. This was before Reels, Tik Tok, and shorts were even a thing yet. I would make videos for IGTV and talk about it on my Youtube channel for a big chunk of credit toward anything I wanted to buy. This is when the real beast awoke.

I had my eyes on the list of things I've always dreamed of having, but could never afford.

I was able to get a few of those dream items with the credits from working with them but the LV Bag was very pricey even used. Once they started accepting Afterpay, it was on. I FINALLY was able to get my dream bag. I had my eye on the monogram cabas piano because of its vintage look to it so I saved up my credits and got the bag even still having to use Afterpay.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Bag Used
She's Got Receipts People!

Yup. I paid $376.43 for it. Still very expensive but hey, let's not even talk about what my husband spends on Golf. Consider that a hefty day at Target. Did I eat ramen for a month? Yes. Was it worth it? You bet your ass.

The thing is, I'm satisfied. I don't need a huge collection of designer bags, I really just needed to feel like I have one that's all mine that I paid for myself, and that alone is special enough for me. Sure I still wouldn't mind an LV monogram crossbody but for now, I'm completely content with just this one. The fact that they're used is even better to me, it removes that tinge of pretension and keeps me humble. I feel like having to earn one this way makes it all the more exciting. I treasure it, whereas I could imagine someone with disposable income could have one at any time. It's not a monumental moment in their life every time they walk into a Louis Vuitton store to purchase one off the shelves. I'd like to thank those women for reselling their bags, so people like me can light up like a kid on Christmas when they add it to their shopping cart. Who knows, maybe one day I will be that for someone else and help you get your dream bag too, but for now, I'm fine with being the girl walking around with her boujee used bag.



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