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Go-to Smokey Eye w/ Melt

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Product List

Laniege Cream Skin

Vieve Skin Nova Primer

PUR Foundation

NARS Concealer

PUR Translucent

Melt Stack Eyeshadow in Blueprint

Clinique Intense Chocolate Pencil

Essence Princess Mascara

Ardelle Remy Lashes

Tarte Sensual Blush

Fenty Hustlah Highlighter

Clinique Intense blush lip liner

Tarte Skinny Dip lipstick-oos

Coola setting spray

Smokey eyes don't always mean dark black and gray makeup. I actually prefer one that's more subtle, especially if your features and personal style tend to read more natural-looking. Jet black can come off a bit harsh and even scary if it's too bold on the wrong person, trust me...when I tried it on a friend who asked for black eyeliner around her entire eye, she looked like a skeleton- it was terrifying. I was also brand new at makeup and didn't realize the various shades of "smokey" there were out there. Now I realize, the options are endless.

Here's the video of all the products used and how I did this look in particular.

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