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Heatwave Proof Makeup

I won't bore you with the details about how Washingtonians aren't used to this kind of heat and how we don't have air conditioners in most buildings and we're all molting in a mid-summer heat wave like a bunch of Yeti. I just won't (ok I just did). Here are my heatwave proof makeup tips for those planning on getting married in the summertime or just because.

The unpredictable summers have started to make special occasion planning a challenge, not really sure what the weather will do so as an MUA, I truly have to be prepared for anything. The goal is usually the same, make it stay, make it last, and make it beautiful.

Here are some of my tried and true heat-wave-proof makeup tricks I've been using on my summer brides this year.




SPF is going to be very important for brides right now, especially with temps over 90 degrees here. Dermologica's primer/moisturizer makes a great base with SPF 50 to protect that beautiful face from sun damage. Be sure to clean the skin well before applying and work in sufficiently or it can pill once the foundation goes on. I also love anything by Supergoop but the only one I had on hand this time was my personal glow stick which couldn't be sanitized properly for sharing with clients.

The Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and Eye Primer are both great for brides universally. They work with all skin types and help give the skin some grip as well as smoothes out pores so it's truly a great base for foundation.


The PUR Love Your Selfie Foundation has been my long-standing favorite for years now. I love it for brides since you can take it in either direction, meaning you can go dewy or matte depending on how you prime it and what you put over it. PUR is a natural and organic-based brand with thoughtful ingredients and that is becoming more and more important to my clients these days.

MAC's Studio Fix powder foundation will be the saving grace for after the MUA leaves and the bride is left to defend her makeup against the inevitable flubs that happen at weddings like food mishaps, drinking, kisses, and happy tears...weddings put makeup to the ultimate test. Having a powder foundation with a built-in sponge applicator can instantly touch up makeup on the go for photos. I don't apply it to the bride, I actually use translucent powder (will explain next) but I always recommend they get a match or let me pick them up some good powder foundation for these touch-up moments. I give them the option of drugstore or prestige and have options for both. I work with budgets of all types, weddings aren't cheap!


When using satin lipsticks, I put a napkin over the lip, take a brush dipped in translucent, tap gently over the lip to set the lipstick, then add one more dab of lipstick to give it a dewy pout. I find adding translucent over everything and then going over a second time, is just a solid reassurance that the makeup is going to stay in place no matter what.


Wedding party clients all get waterproof mascara no matter what the weather or season and I find the Essence Lash Princess is a great option because it doesn't take a lot of effort to get the formula to quickly coat the lash. It truly saves time on having to add several coats.

Mehron mixing liquid can turn any eyeshadow into a sweat-proof liquid liner, which is especially useful for mother-of-the-brides and more natural featured gals who don't want a bold black eyeliner. (see pictured)


After the foundation, I use translucent powder over everything to set. My favorites are Tarte, PUR, and Tatcha which are Talc-free and work wonders with blurring pores. Then I spray with the new MAC Stay Over setting spray or UD All Nighter. I am between these two for sprays that pack a punch for setting makeup but I've never been a fan of the smell of the All Nighter. I'm excited to use this new Stay Over by MAC for the next few months and see how it compares, so far so good.

Those are just a few of my favorite tips for keeping makeup in place for big events in the hotter months.

Hope that's helpful!

Stay cool ✌🏼

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