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Honeylove Shapewear- Try On

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

I don't know about you but my first thought when I heard about shapewear was-





I once purchased a corset to help suck me in to wear with dresses and it gave me such raging acid reflux I wanted to hurl. So I tossed the shapewear idea aside thinking I can live without it...that is until I was offered to try a brand by someone who was frustrated about all the same things I mentioned above.

Then I found Honeylove and let me tell ya, it was a gamechanger.

Retail at $84

The Superpower Short in sand

Retail at $89

Retail at $64


I was desperately in need of a bra that fits correctly.

I have to admit that sadly, I've been shoving my poor knockers into cups that were way too small and ill-fitting for me. I just didn't think to re-check my size as my boobs have grown over the years and I'd usually wear nothing or a sports bra.

I went from a B to a DD in ten years with a hormonal growth spurt that I've been trying to manage and ladies if you feel me, it's quite daunting to the mind, body, and soul.

It seemed to come on so suddenly and also dragged out over time if you know what I mean. I've been feeling a bit bewildered as to how to feel with my body changes, both loving it, embracing every curve to also, hyper-aware of the fit of my clothes and frankly, my health.

I knew right away that if Honeylove promised support and comfort that a new bra was going to be my first pick. I needed ACTUAL support.

Their website has super easy to use information as to how to measure yourself at home for a bra-fitting.

I'm an E or DD (same thing) so I ordered the XL in Sand.

It isn't like any other bra material because it has super soft velvet piping throughout and no wires. The straps don't dig into the shoulder (especially considering my boobs get hormonally heavy like boulders) and it's mega comfortable.

In fact, I find it so comfortable, I fell asleep in it because I forgot I had it on.

The straps in the back are thick and supportive without squeezing. It has removable cups which I love. It's a hands-down flattering beautiful bra and honestly, I need it in every color.

This Superpower short is a garment I think of when I imagine actual shapewear since it has boning in the sides to keep it from folding down as well as sucks you in for shape.

I was slightly apprehensive at first considering my corset incident but I just had to know.

Does it really give you curves?

Getting this on does take a little dance and a wiggle.

Once you're in you're in. It hugs your body and smooths out all the creases.

The boning sort of implies you should sit straight up which is great for posture but not forceful.

Unlike the corset I suffocated my ribs with, this just lightly contorts to your curves so when you slip on a dress or skirt over it, you get a clean, straight silhouette.

It also has a convenient opening at the bottom that folds over itself if you drink a gallon of coffee like me every morning and have a pee-mergency.

It's not something I slip on every day for comfort, it would be perfect if I had an event, photoshoot, or specific reason I wanted to look my absolute best. This would be IDEAL under a wedding dress.

Finally, the LiftWear Cami is definitely a "best for last" situation.

This one is a favorite purely because I love a two-fer and this gives us so many ways to wear it without needing a bra. I've worn this with joggers to lounge around, as a workout top with yoga pants when I take my daily two-mile walk, and as a body-suit style, top to wear with cute skirts.

My goal is to have as many of these as possible! It has a very light flexible boning on the side for structure and support. In the photo above, I'm wearing it without the padding.

I love a support bra cami through every season for layering, this one is well worth every penny.

It doesn't roll up! BONUS

It's lifting, BONUS

The straps don't fall off my shoulder MAJOR BONUS

I can't say enough, this is my go-to top.

I think it's pretty obvious that I'm a fan of Honeylove's garments.

You will not be disappointed, feel free to read the reviews yourself, they speak volumes.

And guess what my friends? I have a discount code for you because of course, I do!

10% off with code: SEANNA

shop here

Enjoy it as much as I've loved it!

X's and O's


*Sponsored post, thank you Honeylove!

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