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I Got a BOB Mackie!

Well ok, so it's part of his Wearable Art line which isn't necessarily a Cher-level vintage costume but hey, I'll take it! I've always wanted something by Bob Mackie, he's the mastermind behind so many celebrity outfits from back in the 60's like even Marilyn Monroe's iconic happy birthday dress. If you want to know more about him I recommend reading it here because his life and story are fascinating. I didn't really intend on making this like, a Mackie report, I just wanted to show it off and take some cute pics in it, lol.

I was worried when RuPaul's Drag Race awarded him with a lifetime achievement award that all of the Bob Mackie garments on The Real Real would fly off the shelves before I could snag one. This was the first time the show ever honored anyone at the finale and for anyone who hadn't heard of him before, certainly has the vintage designer's name on their radar now. If you want to search all the goods they have right now on The RealReal by this iconic designer, here's a list to start with!

I remember hearing about Bob Mackie via Lucille Ball. I could be wrong, but I even think there's an episode where she talks about his designs but I can't for the life of me find it. Looks like I need to binge I Love Lucy for the millionth time again, it's my go-to when I need a comfort show. I've also, of course, heard all about his designs from Drag Race, often some of the drag queens would feature one of his originals on the runaway. Finally, let us not forget, he was the go-to costume creator for Cher. No big deal.

It's wild to me that at his ripe old age of 84, he's still designing for his Wearable Art line, and will design costumes for movies from time-to-time to this very day. I couldn't imagine being in an industry that long, the things he must've seen over the years and just think how much fashion has changed!

Anyway, that's honestly all I wanted to say. I just wanted to do a mini feature and honor Bob Mackie, and show off my new rose cardigan. Cute aint it?



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