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Leopard Foil Nails

I've started down the foil patterned nail journey and I'm not mad at it! I feel like I've been missing out all this time on the various designs I could've been playing with. It does take time to do and a bit meticulous but these are press-ons so I will be able to reuse them a few times. Plus, the cuteness is worth the time!

Products I used:

Foil Prints (Here's what I ordered, some are still shipping)



If using press-on nails, apply nails first with glue


Apply coat of foil glue and cure for 30 secs before applying foil (this helps keep foil from sliding around and makes it more tacky).


Press foil down with a papertowel first to get it to adhere, then take a cuticle stick, flat side down and press into the glue gently but firmly.


Peel back foil and the print should be transferred onto your nail. Press it down on the edges if needed.


Apply top coat of UV gel clear polish and cure for 60 seconds

6. File out any rough edges and you're done!

*Some links above are affiliates and I might get a small percentage if you click and buy, this is what fuels the time I spend on these projects and is greatly appreciated!

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