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My Top 3 Tape-In Extensions

I have been putting in my own extensions for a couple of years now, using tape-ins that are natural real hair. I've been bright red, brown, nearly black, and now blonde throughout this hair journey, and at this point, I've got a pretty good grasp on what hair is affordable yet quality.

Just be aware, going to a professional who's trained in extension removal and application is always recommended.

I have many reasons why I prefer to do them myself including budget and salon chair-anxiety. It will 100% look better and likely last longer if you go to an expert.

Now that I've said that, here's a breakdown of the three extension brands I've found I love the most and why!

In no particular order, I love all three for different reasons equally-

$80 | 20 inch | 20 Wefts)

I was first turned on to buying extensions on Amazon from a friend who worked in cosmetics with me years ago. I did try the brand she recommended but I found a different one called Goo-Goo that was a bit better.

PROS- Affordable, good quality, arrives quickly, gets big and fluffy after a couple of washes, you can dye and tone them to match your hair, strong tape bond, they give you a free set of lashes with every purchase

CONS- Hair lasts a decent amount of time but starts to feel the quality is declining after a couple of months (more so in the blonde than the brown), you have to buy two sets to get 30-40 wefts which is how many I need to do a full head of hair

$100 | 20 inch |30 Wefts

Pro extensions is an online brand I found literally just by Googling it and realized they offered one day shipping and was desperate.

PROS- Free overnight shipping, affordable, one set is enough for a full head, hair lasts twice as long as the others, can be dyed, they give you a huge bottle of remover with purchase

CONS- Weaker tape bond in comparison, the hair never gets thicker after washing like the others but perhaps that's how it stays silkier longer

$199 | 20 Inch | 40 Wefts

PROS- Quick shipping, comes with a sample-sized care kit with an amazing Olaplex-like conditioner, amazing quality, can be dyed, thickens up after a few washes, ships fairly quickly, they offer rewards, strong tape bond, one set it always plenty for a full head of hair

CONS- More expensive than the rest

So that's it! If I were to pick a favorite I'd seriously be on the fence about it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hope that helps.

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