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New KVD Dazzle Stick

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I can go through phases where I get serious creative block and feel like I don't have anything left in me to make something new and exciting. Well, this was not one of those days. I woke up today and chose weirdness...and I liked it.

Sometimes you just have to go to the craft store and buy styrofoam balls so you can build a hair sculpture. Sometimes you just have to go online and order a weird lip color cause it was on sale. Sometimes, you just want to set up your equipment and do a solo photoshoot for no reason at all. I finally got to put this idea I had one sleepless night, into fruition.

Over the past week on Instagram, I noticed all these viral vids of people trying KVD Beauty's new "Dazzle Sticks". Granted these influencers are quite young and their skin snaps back like a rubber band whereas mine...well doesn't. I just had to know if they really were as bright and metallic as they made it out to be. I couldn't find them in stock on Sephora or KVD's website. I finally tracked down the color I wanted (Hail Surge) on Ulta's website but they are selling out faster than you can say, "wow social media marketing works!"

To my surprise when you apply these sticks, they go on cold. A perfect concept considering here in Washington, we are about to have a heatwave of 100 degrees which is super rare.

It was indeed, quite shimmery and reflective, more than my beloved Laura Mercier caviar stick. So, on days that I want a subtle shimmer, I will stick with my old faithful, and for those summer outings when I want a big glow, I will go with the KVD stick. It's was so beautiful in fact, I ended up dabbing it on my cheeks, tip of my nose, inner corner of my eye, and down the bridge of my nose using my finger. I wanted to bathe in it, it catches the light so perfectly.

I also used KVD Beauty's blue liquid lipstick, a random sale item I thought looked like could be a lot of fun. If there's a wild color, I want it in my makeup collection, period. I believe there are still some for sale for like $5! I also used this as my eyeliner by dabbing some of it out on a mixing tray and using a definer brush to make a graphic liner effect. I tend to use my liquid lipsticks as eyeliner often because the color options are unique. I have a bright orange, a deep burgundy, toasted pumpkin color... then you can also apply it to your lips for that monochromatic editorial vibe.


KVD Beauty just launched their new Modcon blushes this month too, so now I'm curious about ordering some of those and will likely find myself back on the website shopping (help!). These blushes are a gel-cream formula you can tap onto the cheeks, lips, and eyes for a beautiful summer sheen. I really have been feeling the direction this re-invented cosmetic line is going in, the makeup artist in me has all the feels. These new launches have me all tingly and excited and I haven't felt this way about makeup in a while.

I've felt like product launches have become overwhelming with the beauty boom that's taking over the world. Every week it's like a new quirky palette is being hyped up, a new brand drop is announced, millions of makeup artists are flooding social feeds with talent that far surpasses anything normal. Makeup was already a bit overloading for most regular-ass people who just want a good foundation or mascara, now we have to deal with an abundance of newness around the clock. It's hard to not feel a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing but I have to stay true to what I know, and bitch, I know beauty.

I really enjoyed making this little creative shoot idea come together. Sometimes they come to me in the middle of the night and I have to write them down so I don't forget. Whenever I got thrifting or to the craft store, I check my notes to see if I came up with any of my midnight ideas and sure enough, I had put down "balls in hair with blue lipstick". Good thing I could decipher what the hell I meant by that, otherwise that's a very strange subject out of context.

If you have a weird concept or idea, I say just go for it! I definitely had a moment in this creative journey where I felt it was going to look SO DUMB, but it actually came out kinda cool (I think). Have fun getting weird and thanks for popping by!

Here are the butterfly clips I used:

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