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Oregon Lookbook: The Boho Librarian

I'm not always prancing around in purple in Spring. I actually do still love me some brown, black, and general neutrals this time of year. These pants look like hot wool, but they're incredibly lightweight and soft. It was the start of our road trip and we landed in Oregon at my In-Laws' beautiful house nestled in the valley. I strolled the garden in the morning with my coffee, my favorite thing to do. Even when it's not my own, I tend to wander the flowers and admire them as if I grew them myself.

A good portion of what I wore throughout this trip included items from Cider, which is a new brand for me and a risk to take when ordering clothes for a vacation that arrived just a couple of days before we left. Luckily, it all fit and I've got to say, for prices comparable to H&M, I'd say Cider's quality is shockingly really good. The fabric felt nice, the sizes seemed pretty spot on, and the styles they offer are just so dang cute.

The Outfit:

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