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6 Tips to Plan the Perfect Picnic

Girl in gingham dress having a picnic and reading
Thrifted Gingham Dress

There's nothing quite like planning a perfect picnic on a warm summer day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you're surrounded by the beauty of nature. With Summer in full swing, there's no better way to enjoy the warm weather than with lunch outside. It's a great way to do an outdoor activity that's relaxing plus, it's for every budget since they can be super simple or as elaborate as you like.

Charcuterie spread for a picnic and non alcoholic wine
Charcuterie Spread

Here are six tips for planning the perfect picnic:

  1. Choose the perfect location. I'm a fan of hosting in my own backyard for picnics but finding a local beautiful park is always nice too. Just consider how busy it might be, parking, and the ease of walking to your spot while carrying a bunch of stuff. If you're spontaneous, drive around until you see a good spot to toss down a blanket and pop a squat! Sometimes I just pull up Google Maps and look for patches of green then drive to it.

  2. Pack fun food. When packing bites, choose snacks that are easy to eat. Mini sandwiches, salads, fruits, cheeses, olives, deviled eggs, and vegetables are all great. Whenever I travel to hotels, I save any mini-condiments they provide for free. They come in handy in this situation for easy transport and serving-sized convenience. You can also bring along some easy to pack snacks like chips, popcorn, or cookies in grab bags. Setting up a charcuterie-style spread is always a hit, so you can chat and nibble while taking in the scenery. Grab some rosemary or whatever food-safe greenery you have to sprinkle around the plate or serving board and even edible florals would be cute! Roses, violas, lavender, and chamomile flowers are all great options.

  3. Don't forget the drinks. Water is essential, but you can also bring along some juice, soda, or even wine. I don't drink alcohol but I still like to have mocktails and the Joyus rose' (pictured) tastes just like the real deal. Use mint and frozen fruit as a refreshing garnish. It's also great in bellinis and mimosas, just be sure booze is allowed where you're going.

  4. Bring along some games or activities. A picnic is a great time to relax and enjoy the company of your friends, and family, or a little day date with your partner. I like to relax and read and have breezy conversations. Things like plans for trips, goals for the house, and adventures we should consider. But if you're looking for something to do, there are plenty of games and activities that you can bring along. If chats aren't your thing bring a frisbee, bocce ball, or even a deck of cards.

  5. Pack a blanket or tablecloth. I don't know what the magic is, it's like going back to our roots sitting on a blanket in the grass or something. I always get my blankets thrifting so if it gets messed up, it's not a huge loss on the ole pocket. Tablecloths work great too and they're nearly always available thrifting. Looking for something new? Here are a couple of cute ones including a waterproof gingham one! Waterproof blanket Roll Up Carry Blanket

  6. Don't forget the sun protection! Even on a cloudy day, the sun can still be strong. Be sure to pack sunscreen, I've recently been loving the Neutrogena misty SPF and I layer SuperGoop Primer under my foundation. Portable beach umbrellas are great like this adorable retro-inspired one, and then there's my all-time favorite, a cute little straw hat (which helps with the breeze too).

Charcuterie spread
Charcuterie Spread

Here are a few additional tips for planning the perfect picnic:

  • Check the weather forecast. You don't want to be caught in a downpour or a heat wave.

  • Don't forget utensils and cups. It's the easiest thing to forget!

  • Pack a trash bag. Something you won't regret bringing for easy packing up.

  • Relax. No, like really. A picnic is a great way to release all your worries and be present with your loved ones or hey, even if you go alone put your feet in the grass and ground yourself while you zen out!

Girl napping outside at a picnic in a cute dress
Naps and Picnics

With a little planning, you can easily throw together the perfect picnic for your friends and family. So get out there and enjoy the summer weather!



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