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Skinlongevity Serum Review | Bare Minerals

If you saw my juicing post, you know I'm an advocate of using plants and superfoods to heal from the inside so consider clean skincare to be the same thing, but for your face!

Bare Minerals kindly sent me their new Skinlongevity herb serum to test out and here's my take on this "clean and vegan" product.

First, here are some sound bites from their website that stuck out to me-

"Prevent and address key visible signs of aging by strengthening your skin. Our powerhouse serum is clinically shown to strengthen the skin’s barrier by 45%* to better resist damaging environmental aggressors, free radicals, and stress.

With a higher mineral and vitamin content than kale or spinach, Long Life Herb has for centuries been part of the local diet in Okinawa, Japan, where people live longer than almost anyone on earth. This powerful, mineral-rich superfood is responsibly harvested without agrichemicals, pesticides or chemical fertilizers."

Day three with just a BB Cream on and no skin editor, promise! I take my skincare seriously.




The first thing I noticed is the bottle. The frosted glass is quite nice and the pump is ideal. It will definitely let you get the right amount of product out without spitting out too much at a time, so I've found just about two pumps is more than enough for my face and neck.

I am very particular about the performance of packaging as well as how it looks. Mainly because I've had frustrating experiences with pumps on products not working, getting stuck pushed down, or the little hole getting clogged. This doesn't do that. It looks nice on my skincare shelf too, I give it a 5!


There's no added fragrance to it but it does have a light natural herbal scent that's really clean and airy. I don't like a strong fragrance but I will admit, I like at least a pinch of something that fades as it absorbs. This is just the right amount of fragrance, it also gets a 5.


It's very lightweight. Like, VERY. So I find it works best if I layer it on with other serums and my moisturizer. If you aren't as dry as I am, you will likely love the feel of it. It's not greasy or sticky, it just melts in almost water-like. On the texture, I give it a 4 only because I like to feel a bit more hydration so I couldn't use this as my only serum.


It works for all skin types with anti-aging elements so I've been layering it in with my other serums and lotions both morning and night for about a week now. So far I will say my skin looks plumper after use. I'm curious to see over time how clear my skin looks and if the fine lines diminish even just a little. I don't feel it's fair to score the result so early on. I will definitely update more about it in my vlogs for anyone wanting to know more and if I continue to see results over time.

Overall Review

The fact that this product is considered "clean" is a big winner for me. I plan to eventually make the complete switch to natural products and will not be buying any more skincare from brands with unhealthy practices. A lot of products blatantly say they have parabens in them right on the label if you know where to look. The audacity, seriously. Anyway, clean and vegan stick out to me, and with the packaging being amazing, the smell light, and the product packed full of herbs I give the overall product a big ole 5 star review. Ding Ding Ding! Way to go Bare Minerals for making a great product, and thank you for sending it to me for review purposes.

I hope this was a helpful review if you're thinking about a new serum and thanks for popping in!


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