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Sneak Peek Into My Store & Doughnut Fail

This week I finished enough upcycled thrift pieces to post in my webshop, Payper Dollz. I've been working my fingers to the nub getting these all prepared for selling and can't wait to send them to whoever snags them up and loves them as much as I do! Here's a sneak peek if you'd like to see what I've got so far.

I also attempted "healthy doughnuts" which are essentially just baked and are made of wheat. Well...the picture says it all, I did not succeed! But I now know, what NOT to do when trying to make doughnuts and will give it another try. Maybe this time, I won't go the healthy way and just go for it full-on glazed with sprinkles.

Here's this week's vids and I mention some "healthy nail" products that I've linked if you want to try them.


Ten Over Ten Rose Polish Remover

Ten Over Ten Celery Cuticle Oil

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