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Styling Lavender for Spring | Lookbook

My Pinterest is full of outfits with lavender. From purple tops with flashy red pants to monochromatic matchy-matchy fits down to just a lilac whisper in a shoe.

The top I chose for my epic pastel purple fit is a recent thrifted piece from The RealReal by LoveShackFancy. The oversized peter pan collar is oh-so romantic with lacey embroidered overlays and the biggest puffed sleeves, Anne Shirley would be swooning. I've included the link to all the LoveShackFancy goodness on TRR you can click here to shop. Get ready for the cutest springy stuff ever. Oh! Be sure to also search for Zimmermann dresses while there, you won't be disappointed.

Can you say, garden goddess dresses? I think yes.

Falling for lavender in Spring

This is the first time in a long time I feel ready to embrace Spring in real-time. If you know me, I'm a sucker for cozy autumn and winter feels but I could be turning into the season chaser type, falling in love with each one as it happens. I talk about seasons in style all the time because they go hand in hand...after all, we obviously dress according to the weather so why can't we be comfortable AND fashionable? It delegates our clothing choices and that goes for the color we pick as well. Last year I was in a pink pastel phase in March and this time, I'm all about the soft purples.

So here I am predictably grabbing for pastels and colors you'd see in the flowers about to make their way through the soil. In fact, I spent the entire day yesterday planting new flowers and weeding the garden. Hence, the "yard photoshoot" I did for this post when in reality I just wanted an excuse to spend time admiring it.

I got these lavender tights on a whim hoping the brand was of decent quality and what do you know, I was pleasantly surprised. They're thicker material, really high-waisted, and comfortable so I definitely will look into getting more colors.

I tossed on some navy blue Sam Edelman ballet flats to contrast against the leggings. If you love ballet flats and want a pair that will last a lifetime, are quality made, and super comfortable, the leather Sam Edelman's are my favorites, in fact, I've gone through two pair of jet black and am ready for a third. I mentioned in my last vlog how ballet flats are having a moment with style bloggers this season, which you don't have to tell me twice to get on board with.

The jean skirt was a thrifty find but I'm going to be on the hunt for a purple skirt to wear with these leggings because if you notice in the inspiration pictures for the runway look, they styled it with two different tones of purple and I think it looks so good, especially with the 70's shades. I'm in my second corduroy era so if I can find a purple corduroy mini I'd be stoked.

Update: I found one on sale with an exta 20% off so I got it for $10. Score.

For hair and makeup the goal was a subtle fresh rose garden fairy vibe, lol if that's a thing.

For the hair, I went with a loose brushed-out curl using a new wand I just got (and like so far), then pulled it half up.

Then the makeup was Pat McGrath berry lipgloss and a smokey copper Bobbie Brown cream shadow stick on the eyelid. I put on a fresh set of Lilac St. lashes in Feather and for blush, I really went in strong across the cheeks and the nose. Recently I've been loving the Charlotte Tilbury Foundation, if you watch my next vlog, I mention how it makes my skin look better as the day goes on which is usually the opposite. It truly has a beautiful finish on my skin which is normal to dry. I'm honestly blown away by it right now.


That's my little lavender lookbook, hope it inspired some festive Spring feels. Happy gardening season!

xoxo, Seanna

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