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Swimming in Luxury on a Budget

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

It doesn't take a millionaire to be able to look like a million bucks at the pool. For peeps that get as excited to style up a bathing suit as I do, this post is for you.

There's something poetic about looking like a '70s Bond babe in a bikini. It makes you walk differently- maybe a bit slower, with the wind blowing in your hair and the smell of coconut wafting from your sun-warmed skin.

Get it you total babe you.

Accessories can turn up a pool or beach outfit a few notches and looks great with an umbrella-adorned frozen drink in hand too. I recently went on a big jewelry search for luxury pieces that could be stacked with all of my other favorites and stumbled across the search of a collector's dream- I found a Gucci pinky ring that (to me) reads, "this bitch is soooo cool". Picture it: I step out from the snack shack and the sun catches my jewelry as I strut to my lounge chair. "She's a lady" by Tom Jones plays on the speakers then everyone turns their heads to stare as they lower their sunglasses and mouth "ohhh yeah" in unison. I smile and wink then in classic Seanna tradition, trip on my flip-flop because I'm never that cool in real life let's get real.

This ring adds to the mixed metal vibe I've got going on and the "G" perfectly peek-a-boo's my tattoo on my finger which, rad ok, it just is. If you are reading this RUN don't walk to The RealReal's website and snag one of these before they're gone. TRR is a luxury online consignment store that will often get in bulk amounts of items from designer labels. They're 100% authentic and the Gucci logo is embedded inside the ring if you ever intend to resell it. They only have small sizes so keep in mind, that you would have to be able to fit 3.75 ring sizing, hence why it's on my pinky. They cost under $75 and Afterpay is an option!

Pictured: Michael Kors bracelet, Giles & Brothers railroad spike cuff, Tiffany's beaded bracelet, and Alexis Bittar pyramid cuff, Gucci ring, half-moon ring from a local boutique.

Sunglasses are also a must in your summer accessory artillery and collecting them can be a lot of fun if you're into that sort of thing. I get mine from various places but I do enjoy thrifting designer labels off of The RealReal with the intent to have them filled with my prescription so I can actually SEE when I'm enjoying the sunshine but, the exact ones pictured are these from Zenni Optical . I used the custom design option to give them a red lens so they're prescription (I believe I paid under $20 to have them made). Zenni is a great place to get sunglasses customized with prescriptions for an incredibly affordable price.

Bathing suits! What a pain in the ass ammiright?! Why do I feel like finding a bathing suit you actually like is so hard? Last year, I just said screw it and ordered about 10 bathing suits off of Shein and to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I couldn't believe nearly every single one fit me and they were so inexpensive it made it all worth the risk of not being able to try them on first. This candy-striped one aligns with my 70s retro babe vibe and is so comfy since it's essentially shorts. I'm not kidding...the suits on their website are like ten bucks a pop so you can order a bunch.

Gone are the days of spending over $100 on ONE SUIT and that's your ONE SUIT for the season.

We can sport a different style every time our butt feels sunlight. Click here for the suit I just recently ordered that resembles a very trendy designer swimsuit brand called Hunza G .

Hunza G makes luxury one size fits all swimsuits if you can believe it. They retail at over $200 whereas the one I'm ordering from Shein costs $12. Boom. Now don't get me wrong, getting my hands on one of their swimsuits is 100% on the list.

Our final accessory is the ever-fashionable, oh-so coveted, top-of-the-line CROCS, lol.

I'm wearing the white platform ones and let me tell you, if you want to be the coolest nerd at the pool, these are going to be your jam. They're completely waterproof and comfortable enough to scootch around the waterpark in. I also am really into the new luxury pool shoe trend which I've noticed brands such as Ugg, Prada, and even Gucci are getting into this season.

If you want to think ahead, they will all hit the luxury thrift sites at the end of summer so that might be a good time to buy them for next year. I'm a budget babe you guys, yes I think that far ahead to enjoy my luxury wear on a budget. I don't care if I'm several seasons behind. Prime example, I'm still watching the sites for the price on the Dior sun visors to drop and those came out what, five years ago? One of these days Dior, one of these days ((shakes fist)).

Regardless of your budget, there are options to look absolutely fab when you plan to get out this summer near any body of water and I hope you have fun sporting different ways to do it. Don't forget your SPF!



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