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Tanning Tips You Haven't Heard Yet

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Finding the right tanning product and routine is like finding the perfect foundation. We all seek that tan-brown, not too orange, not too stinky, doesn't stain your clothes, won't collect around the knees like an elephant...the list goes on.

Here's what I've gathered now that I'm on my official second year straight of tanning every week. You can thank me later when you wake up and look in the mirror at an elegant bronzed goddess and think, "Oh my, is that moi?"

First is the product you use

It's really a matter of trying to find what works for your preference, but I've found that Bondi Sands tanning foam checks the most boxes.

  • It's affordable

  • a nice color,

  • smells like coconut,

  • and lasts a good amount of time.

They also make a line called "Pure" which I'm wanting to try. It's a hyaluronic more natural solution to tanning apparently.

Ulta makes a mousse that is even more affordable and is almost as good, I only feel like it isn't quite as brown as Bondi. I will say it seemed to last the longest out of all of them which is a big bonus.

St. Tropez is great but more expensive. I'd like to try them again to remember if it's really all that different. I do use their face tanning products and find they are the best smelling and don't break me out. I like to spritz the mist after my skincare and let it dry without rubbing it in (so it doesn't tan your palms).

Isle of Paradise drops are also handy for dropping into your face creams to add a tint. You can adjust the tan with how much you put in. I will say, wash your hands after so they don't stain.

I'm also trying out new brands regularly so I will surely be updating my progress throughout my weekly Youtube vids.

Steps To a Perfect Tan


Exfoliate & Shave

Don't skip this if you plan to tan regularly

It will start to build up and you will perpetually look like dirt was thrown on your ankles, lol


Apply lotion to face, knees, ankles, and elbows before applying tanner

This is where the product likes to build up and look like wrinkled elephant knees


Use a good quality, clean tanning mitt

I've used cheap crappy ones and if you have false nails they will poke right through

The thicker ones, preferably black, are what I use because they don't look filthy afterward

Just throw it in the wash for the next use


Apply tanner all over then go over your neck area and legs one more time

I feel like these areas usually look better with two coats


Put the tanning glove over it and use that to reach spots on your back you can't get to

THIS was a game-changer


Wait a sec to get dressed

I use a towel that has velcro on it to walk around in for at least 30 mns before getting dressed and typically choose looser fitting clothing for the processing time

Lastly, apply a tanning serum and/or mist meant for the face

To maintain a matching tan cohesively, I usually apply this nightly on my face right after doing my skincare routine


Repeat weekly!


Tips to stay on track

I usually tan every Monday so I remember when to do it.

If I shower frequently that week, I use a gradual tan lotion mid-week until the next Monday.

If I couldn't get to it that morning, I will shower and tan that evening, sleep, then shower the next a.m.

I hope this helps you achieve a gorgeous tan throughout the week.

I will say it's sort of addictive. When you dread to see your legs go back to a paste of various pales you are hooked from then on. It's just nice to wake up and feel a little more smoothed out too.

Product Overview:

Some of the links above might be an affiliate meaning if you click and buy I might get a small portion of the sale. This helps fuel this blog and is greatly appreciated!

X's & O's


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