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THE BIGGEST Small Biz Gift Guide!

Scroll down for the YELLOW PAGES version of what (I'm hoping) will be the BIGGEST small business gift guide on the internet some day. Let's keep it going, comment your favorites below and I will add them to the list! Now let's settle in for a little storytime:


Your best friend wakes up on Christmas morn'.

She grabs her coffee while her cat meows and stretches on the warm kitchen rug.

She makes her way to the living room, passing the crystal white string lights twinkling from a banister. A beautifully adorned Christmas tree sits center stage with the morning light beaming through the frosty window panes. She grabs a gift, wrapped in recycled brown paper and velvet ribbon. "To My Bestie. Love, Your Bestie" on the tag. She gently pulls the ribbon as it cascades away and excitedly opens her gift from you.

"Ahhh there it is", she says to herself and smiles. In her hand sits a plastic lemon squeezer from some factory overseas. "I'm so glad we helped fill Bezos' thin-lined pockets," she says,"...the poor man can barely scrape enough together to put a decent caviar on his Mega-Yachts' table."

Well done you, you've contributed to-


Ok, ok enough of the dramatics. I just thought some perspective might be entertaining to imagine as we approach the holidays, considering so many people in small town communities, hope you place an order or shop their shop.

Without further ado- here's my categorized and detailed list of Small Businesses me and some of my Instagram pals contributed to share that you can support this year. Not only are you giving the gift of thoughtfulness, but you're also helping grease the wheel within a community considering most small business owners also only shop small as well.

AND SO the beautiful wheels of sharing turns

Shops By Catagory

Clothing/Thrift Shops


Gift Shops

Home Decor


Food & Bev

@drinkjoyus (n/a wine)

Beauty, Bath, Selfcare



Ok so I know it's not this biggest list YET. This will continue to be updated. Feel free to refer to it anytime and comment below your favorite small biz I can add to it!

Happy Holidays,

Seanna Miriah & Paper Dolls Beautique

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