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Shopping Smarter

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

In a world where thrift stores have closed their doors due to a global pandemic, I am still on the hunt for cute clothes, but now I'm digging online instead.

Marc Jacobs skirt, Asos top, Fila sneaks

Having a reason to dress cute and leave the house in a pandemic these days are few and far between. I try and find any excuse to put together an outfit just to go to a doctor's appointment or grocery run. Just last week a gal at the store said, "Oh I like your style" and I couldn't have been more ecstatic. I will take ANY compliment when wearing a mask and rocking it in the self checkout aisle with my beans, rose', and antacids. The difference from before lockdown and now is, I'm actually starting to question large clothing manufacturers. Who have I been supporting? What type of company have I been putting my money into?

This has raised a major conflict in my conscious.

Slow Fashion-

My goal is to drop my fast fashion purchases down to less than 10% of my closet.

I've stopped shopping nearly ALL of the large fast fashion retailers as of late. I don't feel good about the clothes, they fall apart, they don't practice ethical production, and don't fulfill the uniqueness that I crave in my style. I'm still shopping H&M as a major retailer online, as they plan to move their materials to 100% recycled and sustainable by 2030. Right now their sustainability is around 60% of their materials. Even though they mass produce, I am grateful for the direction they are taking the company and makes them my number one major retailer if I must. I also shop Who What Wear in Target from time to time. Since stores are still closed, sometimes Target is the only place I can go to get the "retail therapy" I need from time to time. Who What Wear was created by two Elle Magazine editors and contributors who went on to start their own fashion blog. Their focus is ethical fashion and skincare products from what I've found in their blog.


BUT I Miss Thrifting!

I used to love getting dressed up in one of my quirkiest of fits, get a coffee to-go and settle into a thrift digging afternoon of treasure hunting. But with the thrift stores closed after Covid, I've taken to the web and that's where my search for quality boujee thrifted clothing began. I came across The Real Real finding recycled clothing from big name designers like Chanel, Gucci, and Fendi. I was shook when I realized WOW I could actually afford some of these pieces. I spend a lot of time perusing the sale section and have ordered a few rounds since lockdown. Don't worry, they authenticate the clothing with fashion experts to guarantee they are the real deal. I'm obsessed.

We went on a little beachside walk and I took the opportunity to toss on this thrifted Marc Jacobs skirt I got from The Real Real. I've been looking for reasons to wear it but wanted it to be somewhat special. The Tacoma Narrows bridge is a beautiful scenic structure here in Washington so I grabbed my good camera, tossed on some makeup and hit the sand with my husband and pups.

I love how the skirt is an apron style with big pockets in the front, it was a perfect place to hide my phone and keys! I felt cute, and breezy which made finding this little tree swing on the beach the perfect spot to beg my hubs to take fifty pics of me trying to look natural swinging on it.

Regardless, I'm just trying to do my best in securing a healthy planet in any small way that I can. Reducing my carbon footprint, and shopping smart.

Much love,


P.S. check out my thrifted closet tour video!

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