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Thrifted Gucci & Car Shopping

This week the hubs and I went looking for a new SUV to buy. We are looking for something a bit more suitable for taking road trips with the pups, perhaps maybe something that can hold an RV behind it one day (wink-wink)??

I had a raging period throughout the entire week which, I cut that out of the weekly Youtube round-up but BOY oh BOY was it a doozy. I felt all the feels at once. Not cool hormones, not cool. At least you can't tell I was off my rocker for most of the vid but that's a little behind the scenes for ya there.

I can't seem to take off this thrifted Gucci t-shirt I hunted down on The RealReal. It took me a few months to find the perfect one. I saved that specific search and had been scouring the site until this popped up on my page....CLICK I just had to get it. I wore it throughout the entire week and likely will continue to have it on in my vids, I'm obsessed with how soft it is and that it's a tall-tee.

Here's a link to more thrifted Gucci t-shirts if you fancy one for yourself. (Hint: they offer Afterpay, careful that can get you in trouble but also, YAY!).

Here's the nail organizer I talk about in the video as well-

And finally here's this weeks' vlog if you haven't seen it yet! Thanks for joining me for another silly adventure.

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*Some links are affiliates which means I get a small cut if you make a purchase, these links fuel this blog and allow me to continue offering vids and blogs for free so thank you for your support!

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