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Harnessing Maxi Energy | How I Re-Style

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Do you have that one dress that you can't wait to whip out of the closet, dust off, and put on the moment you get a truly warm Spring day? That's this dress for me and today was sunny and 65 degrees, hallelujah. That winter underbite to the air has lifted and you can really sense the sun is shining just a little more directly on us now.

I thrifted this maxi dress years ago. It has no brand label on it so I have no idea where it's originally from, but I'm in love with the down to the floor length, low pockets, and heavy weight of the skirt I wish I knew how to sew better and remake it ten times over.

Any old outfit can get a fresh update with new accessories so these harnesses have officially given me a refresh on some otherwise tired clothes from past seasons. I purchased four different ones (green, tan, black with a bow, and basic black). I hope to invest in a quality brand harness down the road if I find I truly am finally getting on the buckled boob train.

My personal style evolves as most people's do, coming and going like the flare of a pant or the height of a waistline but some things always stay the same. I find my influences are a mix of fashion bloggers I admire, Grandma-core, vintage era (like from 50's - 70's) and a dash of Little House on the Prairie...with an edge.

Basically, if I like it I wear it and it works out.

Got lace? I want it. Strappy leather? Want. Peter Pan collar? Gimme. None of it makes sense and in turn, it makes sense. I always tell people who ask me how I come up with my outfits, is that if you like something it will match your style because it's YOU and what YOU like works if you wear it with confidence. I embrace all fashion expression, and honestly the weirder and uglier the more I tend to like it. It's exciting, even sometimes ridiculous. Marc Jacobs just released jackets that look like you're wearing your duvet. Absurd...but intriguing. It's a way for us to remember to not take our clothes too seriously and if it makes you smile or gives you a butterfly, wear it! Clothes can either be a necessity that you use to cover your body so you don't get arrested for indecent exposure OR it can be a way to express how you felt that day and be something fun to look forward to. I've been planning my outfits ahead of time since I was in elementary school- going to school was my stage. I still get dressed up purely to run one errand. Instagram is now my stage. I don't know if people realize how much I enjoy doing that. Wow, stellar segway to plug my Instagram where you can follow me for outfit and beauty content. So smooth.

Outfit Details:

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