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Hikes & Boots | Where I Find Them

Woman in a gingham dress and cowboy boots
Hikes & Boots
Skirt hikes just aren't for cosplay and Rennaissance Faires anymore.

They've officially crossed the threshold into accessories we can enjoy with belts, just as I feel harnesses have made a permanent home in belted apparel options. Now we can give just the corner of a longer dress a lift and I feel it creates a lovely hourglass shape to the silhouette.

Woman in gingham dress with Prada handbag
All the accessories

The first thing I did was just Google what it was. I saw a gal had one on in a Reel but the video was about baking and there were no details about the outfit. So I searched, belt that lifts the skirt...I came across a bunch of "hikes" for sale and find the way to go is either Etsy, or finding a local leather worker to create a custom option. I was considering learning to make them myself as well so watch me buy all the leatherworking tools and have yet another craft project I have to try out, lol.

Here are some of my favorites I saw on Etsy!

Etsy Skirt Hike
Etsy Hike/ Brown
Green skirt hike
Green Skirt Hike

Black skirt hike
Black Skirt Hike

Woman in cowboy boots
These boots were made for walkin' in my garden

Best places to find Cowboy Boots.

I will be honest, I think you saw this one coming but, thrift stores are the number one place I've found mine. The black ones I'm wearing pictured above, I got at the Goodwill in Sacramento, CA while on a road trip. I have a pair of light suede as well, and I got those brand new w/ tags at a local thrift shop.

I've also seen sooooo, like sooooo many cowboy boots in antique shops. A lot of antique stores tend to have a few clothing resellers and those booths always seem to have cowboy boots in abundance. The only issue is, that they're usually marked up quite a bit. I believe it's because they're vintage, genuine leather, quality boots whereas the ones I got in my local thrift store aren't the finest quality (but do the job). You can also find vintage shops will almost always have an entire section of old cowboy boots.

Frye Shelby Deco Stitch
Frye Shelby Deco Stitch

For brand spankin' new beautiful quality cowboy boots my go-to brand has always been Frye. They can be expensive but these are investment pieces you will have for a lifetime. The quality is impeccable. You can find Frye used in Poshmark resellers, The RealReal even has some, or if you're lucky- like I did once at an old antique mall for $25. I actually have no idea what happened to them I moved so many times :(

Cowboy boots
Thrifted Cowboy Boots

Now that I have light brown and black cowboy boots, I feel like I'm ready for some white and perhaps red...I really want a pair for every outfit because in my opinion, cowboy boots are some of the only type of shoe that can be worn in every season and they still work with just about anything. I've worn them in 98-degree weather in California and they were totally fine in the way of comfort. They go with so many of my dresses I just love them.

Tattooed woman in sunglasses and hat

Have fun finding your hikes and boots, and if you do get any inspo from my outfit blog posts please shoot me a pic in DM's on the gram so I can see what you came up with! I get so excited about sharing outfit ideas as you can tell.



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