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Shapewear for Low Back Clothing

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Woman in shapewear with tattoos
Honeylove Lowback Bodysuit

Honeylove is a shapewear company that is known for its high-quality, comfortable, and supportive garments. Their shapewear are designed to help women feel amazing and beautiful in their day-to-day clothing, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different needs for all occasions!

Woman in Honeylove shapewear
Lowback Bodysuit X Compression

One of the things that set them apart from other shapewear brands is their use of innovative fabrics. It has a four-way stretch, which means that it moves with your body, as you see pictured with the x-compression across the midsection. This Lowback bodysuit I have on is a prime example of that innovative thoughtful design, I mean just LOOK at how it shapes me. It's perfect for low-back dresses and clothing.

Full transparency, usually tight fitting outfits like this make me a bit hesitant-

If I were out in public in tight clothes, the back of my mind would be flooded with thoughts of what rolls were rollin', what angel of me people see, thinking they're just staring at my belly... you know, the typical irrational and intrusive thoughts us gals have every damn day we leave the house. But this, THIS I would wear out all by itself if I could. I feel like I look my best here and am blown away by how it fits my body like a soft, luxurious, glove. I don't like to use words like "insecure" or "body positive" nor do I like to tether my self-confidence to clothing too deeply, because what will I do as age? I have to love my body at all stages- nekkid. lol

However, sometimes, you've got to admit when something makes you feel good- and this bodysuit makes me feel really damn good.

Woman in Honeylove shapewear, back fiit
Bodysuit back with adjustable straps

Can you believe that's my butt? Me neither. It looks great right?! I always think of that scene in Pretty in Pink when Iona, (Andie's quirky bff) talks about how she loved her butt in a particular dress. "I loved my butt, I did, I LOVED MY BUTT" lol. That's me in this bodysuit.

Pretty in Pink scene, Andie and Iona
Pretty in Pink

If you know you know.

Woman in lowback bodysuit close up of butt
Bodysuit Back Close Up

If you're looking for something comfortable, that shapes, lifts, and smoothes specifically for a low-back dress or top, this Lowback Bodysuit is what you need, hands down. It comes in black or nude, so especially for bridal occasions- this would be great under a formal gown or wedding dress that has an open back to it (guhhhh sounds beautiful I'm gushing over the thought).

Don't worry about finding the right fit when ordering online, Honeylove offers an online sizing guide to help you find the perfect size, and their garments are designed to be flattering on all body types. I also appreciate how the models can be changed on the website to show various sizes as well, so you can see how it will look on someone with a similar body shape to yours.

Woman in shapewear bodysuit by Honeylove
Lowback Bodysuit Mesh Close Up

My favorite features of this particular piece:

  1. Adjustable straps, key to getting that perfect fit

  2. Lower Gusset provided for easy bathroom trips

  3. X Compression across the waist and belly area to smooth and shape

  4. Mesh details throughout, for a sleek & luxe look

  5. Wireless bra support, ya'll this thing is COMFY

  6. Easy fit, just step in and pull it on.

Here are some of the other Honeylove shapewear products I absolutely adore:

  • WaistHero Cincher: This cincher is designed to smooth and sculpt your waistline. It has a zipper as well as a hook-and-eye closure

  • Cami Bodysuit: This bodysuit is a great option for smoothing and shaping your entire body. Just like the Low-back bodysuit, it has adjustable slim straps (my favorite) however this has a brief-shaped bottom that stays in place and won't wedgie! I wear this with jeans all year round, it's super flattering.

  • Blisswear Cami & Shorts: If you love some beautifully designed garments to lounge in you might love this set as much as I do. This is my go-to sleepwear, has a built-in supportive bra with no underwire, perfect for a sleek silhouette but super comfy to sleep in. The innovative and sustainable Tencel fabric is soft AND keeps you cool. I'm a hot sleeper so this was a major selling point for me!

Woman smiling in her shapewear by Honeylove

I hope that helps you if you've been on the hunt for a low-back undergarment, this bodysuit is great for a bra-free, shaping yet comfortable fit, brides I'm looking at you!

Use code SEANNAM for 10% off your purchase!

For reference, I'm an XL, size DD and am 5'7"

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.



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