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Do's & Don'ts for Brides and Their MUA's

Your wedding day is all about feeling radiant and confident and let's face it, a fabulous makeup artist can be your secret weapon in achieving that unforgettable look. But with so much on your plate, navigating the world of bridal makeup can feel overwhelming.

This guide "Do's & Don'ts for Brides and Their MUA's" will equip you with those questions you may have to ensure a smooth and successful collaboration with your makeup artist.


  • Find your perfect match. Research makeup artists whose style aligns with your vision. Look at portfolios that showcase bridal work that complements your features and taste. Don't be afraid to contact a few artists for consultations before making your decision.

  • Communicate clearly. Before your trial consultation, share inspiration photos and discuss your desired look with your MUA. Have a Pinterest Board you can email them with makeup looks you like and the overall vibe of your wedding. Going country? Got a gothy edge? They will want to know that. There are hundreds of bridal styles out there that your artist will be capable of accomplishing however, they likely have never met you before and therefore don't know what your style and taste consists of. Be open to suggestions, but also voice any concerns or preferences!

  • Embrace the trial run. A trial session is a must! It allows you to see the artist's skills firsthand, discuss adjustments, and ensure the makeup photographs well. Let your artist know what you'd like the focal point to be whether it's all about the dewy skin or a soft glam eye, perhaps you want a red lip? These are all things to work out in your trial.  Feel free to give feedback too. We can only learn how to adjust and improve if we get an idea of how happy you are with your service. If you don't like something speak up! We want to know what you want to change or wish you had known going into it. Most MUA's have a makeup chart or have notes of the products used at your trial and this is the perfect time to say what you want to add or take away. The artist is expecting you to make adjustments, that's what we're hoping for so we can get it just right.

  • Prep your skin. Healthy skin is the foundation of a flawless makeup application. Step up your skincare routine in the months leading up to your wedding so if you can even do a facial or two leading up to it, that'd be ideal. But don't forget a lot of beauty comes from within! Drink TONS of water the week before so your skin is radiant and bouncy. If at all possible, ease up on any excessive alcohol too. Too much of it can dry out skin resulting in flaking (good luck getting foundation to stick to that!) and can cause inflammation in the face, AND enhance bags under the eyes.

  • Be open to waterproof and long-lasting formulas. Your wedding day will be filled with emotions (happy tears are likely!). Opt for sweat- and tear-proof products to ensure your makeup stays put throughout the celebration. SPF would be best if skipped for just this one day if possible. The formula of most SPFs causes flashback in the skin and can be challenging for foundations and powders to lay as flawless as it can without it.

  • Do have a designated spot to get your makeup done that's in natural light. Have a spot in your bridal suite for makeup near a window letting in some natural light. Your makeup artist will need to be able to see how your makeup looks in daylight, which is not only how your guests will see you, but it helps see your skin and application much clearer. The darker the light, the more room for the makeup going on heavier than you wanted.

  • Do have space cleared for your artist. They will have a lot of supplies and need to be able to set up and spread out a little, such as sanitation, tools, makeup removers, skincare, brushes, and various palettes, especially if they're doing makeup for your entire wedding party. Be sure to make room for that and not in the bathroom where everyone will be coming in and out our the lighting is usually the harshest.

  • Do give plenty of time and don't rush this process. If it gets frantic and rushed your artist won't be able to provide you the amazing service you're paying them for, plus this is their business and want to lead with their best work. Rushing this will only leave room for things to be left out our half-done.

  • Do leave a good review for your artist if you liked their service. Some bridal makeup artists are seasonal and have slower times that need to be filled so any reviews you can give them will help them show up in searches locally. This can help fill those calendar gaps with holiday events, birthdays, bridal showers, etc. The easier they are to find on Google the better. It also helps other brides who were in the same position as you were at one point! Help them find a good hair and makeup team by leaving detailed reviews of how it went. Bonus if you send them a nice picture from your wedding of your completed look for them to use in their portfolio!

  • Do feel free to tip your artist. Especially if you really enjoyed their services. It's never expected but always welcomed.

  • Do let your MUA know your lash and brow plan. In the age of so many beauty services at our fingertips- your artist will want to know if you plan to get lash extensions or if you want them to apply false lashes. They will also want to know if you plan to laminate your brows or want them to create the look themselves.

Ok now that we've discussed the things you should consider for your bridal MUA experience, here are some things you might consider a big don't!


  • Don't wait until the last minute. Booking a reputable makeup artist well in advance is crucial. Popular artists can get booked up quickly, so don't procrastinate on securing yours. Be ready to pay a deposit to hold your date which is going to be non-refundable. Your artist is clearing a huge portion of the day if not all of it, and during wedding season weekends are especially prime real estate for MUAs.

  • Don't get a facial or spray tan the day before your wedding day. Stick to what you know works for your skin. Introducing new products can lead to irritation or unexpected reactions, which is the last thing you want on your wedding day. Don't try any new ambitious facials or skincare regimens the week of your wedding either, it's just too risky! If you want to get a spray tan, do it days prior and have a practice round, preferably before your wedding makeup trial so you get the exact results you're going for and it matches what you did in your trial!

  • Don't pick or pop zits. If you see one coming you can put a patch on it the night before to try to shrink it but don't pop it. All that does is leave a crater with a texture that is even harder to mask. If it's just a pimple, usually a little concealer and some powder can cover it enough-then your photographer can edit it out of your photos if needed.

  • Don't overdo the makeup. You want to be the most radiant version of yourself, not a completely different person. This is not the time to finally do that crazy smokey eye you've always wanted to try. Opt for a look that enhances your natural beauty and complements your wedding dress or that just makes you feel like you...but elevated.

  • Don't forget touch-up essentials. Pack blotting papers, lipstick, and a mini makeup kit for any necessary touch-ups throughout the day.

  • Don't have too many distractions coming in and out of the room. Be sure to let your family and friends know it's your pamper time and to give you a couple of hours before getting married to be quiet and calm with your glam team. With too many people in and out, you will be moving around, talking, and looking away a lot. It adds extra time to the process of getting your makeup done and can cause errors that the artist will then have to fix. It's best to delegate to someone else any text messages that need responded to, or phone calls while you're in hair & makeup so you can be still and get the best results.

By following these tips, you can build a trusting relationship with your makeup artist and achieve a wedding day look that makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. With clear communication and a collaborative spirit, you can ensure your makeup complements your entire wedding aesthetic and helps you create unforgettable memories.

Congratulations on your engagement and have a lovely ceremony!



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