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DIY Eyeball Nails

Halloween Nails DIY
All Seeing Hands

I love the look of eyeballs on various objects as a print, especially nails. This would be fun for Halloween, especially if you went red for the pupils however, I wanted mine to look more Egyptian-esque so I chose a design that was more ancient-looking like a hieroglyphic. I'm not the best nail artist in the world but I think they still turned out pretty cool and will surely get better over time.

These are press-ons and I've been trying to find things that don't trigger my beauty product allergies. So far so good with this nail glue by Glamnetic, plus, I apply all the gel products and cure under the UV while they're on the nail stands. It cuts back on time my hands have to be exposed to the light. I really take my time drawing the designs and cure between color changes so they don't mix and blur. It may take you a couple of tries to get it down, but I think it's fairly easy to make your own fun press-on designs at home with a little patience. So here's how I did these super easy DIY eyeball nails!

Product list:


  1. File down press on nails if needed and check they fit your nail bed.

  2. Press onto nail stands, preparing them with the gripping putty if needed.

  3. Apply base coat, cure by placing entire nail tray under UV light

  4. Apply base color, cure

  5. Apply second coat, cure

  6. Using thin brushes, start painting the eye frame and lashes then cure. You want to go color by color so they don't mix, so black outline, cure, fill in whites of eyes, cure, add black dot for pupil using the back of the brush, cure.

  7. Apply generous top coat, try not to push down on brush too hard or it will drag the clear through the other colors and bleed.

  8. I cure this one a few times.

  9. Files sides down a bit in case any of the gel has folded over the sides.

  10. Buff your nails gently so they have a little grip and glue on the nails.

  11. Apply hand lotion and don't forget the cuticles.

  12. You're golden!

Halloween Nails 2023
XOXO Seanna

Have fun creating your Halloween nails this season!

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