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Barbie Outfit Inspiration

girl in pink thrifted Barbie outfit
Hey Barbie!

March 9th, 1959...the very first Barbie doll is shared with the world at a New York toy fair. Ruth Handler, the creator of the realistic-looking doll, noticed how boys had action figures they could play with and imagine growing up to be heroes- whereas girls only had baby dolls to play with. Ruth wanted to show girls they can also be anything they want when they grow up, so when she revealed the very first Barbie with mad RBF in a black and white swimsuit, parents weren't too sure. Then in 1962, before women were even allowed to open their own bank accounts, Barbie owned her own home- the Dreamhouse. Shortly thereafter she went on to be an astronaut in 1965 and so it began that girls were no longer limited to dreams of purely being good for breeding.

Personally, for me as a child I was like "screw people, where are the Pound Puppies and My Little Ponies" lol. It explains so much about me now.

I didn't love Barbie as a kid, not because she was lame or too girlie, it was purely because I noticed an entirely new unrelatable issue in a little girl's projected dream- perfectionism. I simply didn't enjoy playing with a doll that seemed like if she was real-she'd probably be a bitch in school. All the girls with the perfect hair, newest clothes, and accessories, were kind of...well...snobs. Well, that's what all the movies told us back then anyway. Pretty popular girl=bad. Quirky Molly Ringwald eccentric smart type=good. I was the awkward chick with the thrifted clothes listening to moody music and in my feelings, go figure.

Now as an adult, I can appreciate the original message of the Barbie doll, and have a little more respect for what she's done for the imagination of girls back in the 50s up to the present day. So many generations of women grew up having at least one as a child, so she will always be chill in my book.

So now you know a bit about her, let's talk Barbie outfit inspiration for those planning a party, a themed outing to see the Movie, or just because you're a Barbie stan.

Close up of a hot pink Barbie dress
Malibu Barbie vibes

The Outfit

I did spend some time putting together my Barbie outfit and am here to toss out a fun challenge idea. Hit up the thrift store and get the most ridiculous pink dress you can find, I got this one for around $5 would you believe it. Be sure to check the formal section of the thrift store, bridemaids gowns are ideal for this, especially a vintage one. Also, 80's dresses in particular have some wild features and embellishments that are way too much fun to pass up so if you're searching for a dress online, maybe search 80's and 90's prom dresses.

By the way, I still have to go see the movie myself! I'm just waiting for the crowds to die down so I can enjoy it in a less busy theater.

Girl in Barbie makeup with a cocktail
Elder Barbie has arrived

The Hair & Makeup

I used some Mehron mixing liquid and added it to a bright seafoam blue eyeshadow I had in a Morphe palette, which gave a painted-on effect to the eyelid. You can just Google your favorite Barbie-era makeup and go with what speaks to you, mine is definitely the quintessential 90's Barbie look from when I remember her the most. For the sake of looking "doll-like" get the biggest false lashes you can find. I just made a lipstick to match my dress using the Anastasia lip palette (which is now discontinued), but matching your lipstick to your dress would be easy using any drugstore lip color- so essentially find your dress first then match accordingly.

For hair, I honestly couldn't be bothered to try anything too fancy, purely because hair is not my forte and my ponytail kept falling flat. Like I said, I had a 90's version of Barbie stuck in my head so I think this high half pony speaks to that.

However, if you can plan ahead enough, perhaps a clip-in ponytail would do the trick.

Barbie nail inspiration
Peep them claws!

The Nails

I've really been dialing back the amount of time I've spent soaking my hands in acetone. I mean HOW is that ok? So now when I want long nails, I just do press-on. It's easier and cheaper to buy the blank ones in bulk and paint them yourself. I had so much fun hand-painting my own designs on them using this gel kit and brushes. This particular polish cures in UV light, so you can leave the nails on a stand so your fingers don't have more UV exposure than necessary. I use the Glamnetic nail glue which is supposed to be less harmful and seems to be fine with my allergy issue. So far so good. So I went for it with the pink design and even managed to paint the Barbie name/logo on one of the thumbs.

Barbie press on nails
She's an "art-TIST"

A Barbie pink martini
Pink Drank Time

A Pre Game Drink

Before you and your pals go out maybe you plan to meet up first and want a little pre-game drink. This one is super easy to make and on theme.

The Cotton Candy Cocktail

A martini, margarita, or champagne glass with a sugared rim

One tablespoon of cotton candy rested on the side

A glass of rose, sparkling wine, or if you're sober like me, some n/a Joyus rose'

*Thanks to Joyus for gifting the rose' and for this drink recipe. I'm still enjoying my #sobersummer festivities!

Girl in Barbie outfit

However you decide to celebrate or make a "thing of it" when going to see the movie, if you're like me, you will use any excuse to play dress up and this is a fun way to get your friends together and thrift for something that feeds that pink ridiculous fantasy of dressing up like a Barbie doll. Especially one who apparently, pushed boundaries purely by existing in the 50s.

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