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Looking Cute in the Rain

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Seanna in raincoat outfit
In My Element

Link to thrifted Prada bags here

Looking Cute in the Rain I live just outside of Seattle in the Pacific NW, a place famously known for rainy days. People ask if Seattleites really don’t use umbrellas and while that is actually true, some even say we also don’t wear raincoats or raingear...that is to be debated. As far as umbrellas, my theory is we don't use them because it rains here pretty much every day in Autumn/Winter/Spring- we can't be bothered to keep track of an umbrella every day it's just too much.

However, I’m a fan of being thoroughly prepared for the rain when I'm planning a specific outfit.

Recently I did a little shopping for a transparent raincoat so you can still see what's underneath it. The one I'm wearing (pictured) has a very retro style to it which goes great with dresses. It has a hood and a belt which was a must in my search for the right one.

The pros: it's adorable, made of a sturdier type of rubber material, it's not mega thick but it's better than a cheapo thin one that rips easily.

For the price, it's definitely worth it.

The cons: the pockets aren't real and there are no belt loops so I'm pretty sure I already lost the belt. :(. It's also LOUD as HELL when you move in it so be prepared to have heads turn...not only cause you look cute but you sound like two balloons having relations.

Transparent raincoat
From the Back

London Fog Label
Up Close Label

If you'd prefer thrifty rain gear, I suggest keeping an eye out for vintage London Fog raincoats. I find them everywhere, they're pretty easy to get your hands on. They have an old-school classic trench look to them, work great in light rain, and are super versatile with outfit choices. You can go with a more streetwear look say- some baggy sweats and a matching oversized hoodie under it, or go with a cute sweater dress.

Vintage London Fog Trench Coat
Chic Trench

Doc Marten's with dresses are a staple here. You've got to keep the feet dry, but if the outfit is right for it, I'm so incredibly in love with these black logo Prada Rainboots.

They fit a little snug so I've been saying I'd like to sell them so I can go a size up and get another pair. I got these on The RealReal. If you click that link it will take you to all of the designer rainboots they currently have consigned. (If you are a size 7 or 7.5 and are interested in them...I might consider it so just shoot me a DM on the gram.)

Prada Rainboots
Prada Rainboots Run Small!

Retro Rain Hat
The Bonnit

The Bonnit
Retro Bonnit

If my hair is styled and the weather calls for rain I pack this little hair cover by a brand called The Bonnit and can pop it on real quick if need be. It's great to keep one in the car or your handbag in case a downpour comes out of nowhere (which here happens all the damn time). I have had it for ages and think they still make them, if they do I will put the link here.

I will also put another option here.

Woman walking in PNW forest
xoxo Seanna

That's my go-to rain gear for special occasions or days my outfit is particularly in need of some protection. You can still look cute in the rain, just ask us PNW folks, and we make it work.

Don't listen to any Seattle snobs who say rainwear is lame, if you want to carry an umbrella go for it! Just know it will make you look like a tourist and that's totally fine too.

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