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Items I'm Currently Searching for in Thrift Stores.

The list on my phone is continual and ever-changing when it comes to my "thrift-needs". Here are the clothes I'm currently searching for in thrift stores that I've noticed are trending on Pinterest and in style mags.

Woman in baggy vintage levi jeans
The Baggy Jean Vibe

woman in vintage blue jeans
The 501s


Men's Baggy Levi's

Soft, worn in, men's Levi jeans specifically, a couple of sizes bigger. I'm fairly sure this trend has cycled around several times over the years and I'm here for its return. I like to shop the men's jeans since that's where all the button-fly loose fit old Levi's are. The ones I have on (pictured) do fall below my butt if I don't wear a belt with them but when I'm chillin' around the house I just let them hang. If denim feels too constricting on me I have to immediately take them off. These are half decent in the way of comfort and that's coming from a very picky jeans wearer.

I think it's funny that for over a year I've had these ones I'm wearing pictured in my thrift inventory for sale. I never considered trying them until I was listing all of my inventory in the webshop and came across these again. They nearly cleared the list of requirements:


Old Levi's, preferably 501s

Worn in, rips or holes even better



Super relaxed fit

A couple of sizes bigger


Light blue denim

These particular one's I'm wearing fit that description to the T minus the rips, which I could do myself. I decided to take these out of inventory but the webshop still has three blue jeans that are soooo good if you're a little smaller than me.

Levi 501 W34 L30 (these have the most perfect rips)

Woman and a bike in gym clothes
Neon Orange Bike Fit

2. Gym clothes.

I love to find quality, gently used gym clothing. Always searching for long-sleeved tops, tanks, leggings, and shorts. Bonus if they're Nike, Adidas, or Fabletics.

I have a handful of brand new gym clothes I like to mix into the collection but I usually buy basic colors like black or beige. That's mainly because I know the basics will be worth dropping more money on since I wear them the most. When I thrift, that's when I can have more fun and shop wild neon colors in different styles. There's something fun about mixing and matching them. Plus, with my mindset, I'd be more inclined to exercise if I have a cute outfit to look forward to. These bright colors are also ideal for bike riding, you can most definitely see me coming.

Woman in a Alice and Olivia dress and cowboy boots
Alice + Olivia Dress

3. Designer label dresses.

This one is by Alice + Olivia. It's such a beautiful design, super comfy and soft, and came with a separate silky dress underneath. I got this in the clearance section on The RealReal to wear to a wedding and just recently wore this out for our wedding anniversary dinner. I will always shop the dress section first when I go thrifting because as you all know, I wear dresses 99% of the time. It's rare I find designer label clothing at Goodwill or Value Village, but from time to time a real gem will be in the piles and words can't describe how excited I get when I do find one.

Vintage Christian Dior Wool Skirt
Vintage Christian Dior Wool Skirt

4. Vintage I Can Upcycle

Seeing the potential in something old and tattered is my absolute favorite challenge to take on. This vintage Christian Dior skirt had tiny moth holes throughout. I cut along the pleats, added a lace insert, and covered the edges with a faux studded leather strap. This is one of my favorite upcycled pieces and is in the webshop available for sale still. If it fit me I'd 100% have kept it. I also have two 1950s wool sweaters I scored in Portland that I plan to fix up here in the next week or so.

Stay tuned for those transformations!

Happy thrifting,


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