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Thrifted Louis Vuitton Agendas & Finding Pages for It

Gone are the days we thought anything Louis Vuitton was out of our reach because of luxury pricing. Nowadays you can find used designer items for a reasonable price on eBay, Poshmark, and The RealReal. Here's how I got my thrifted Louis Vuitton Agenda, and where to find pages for it. I got mine on The RealReal for just under $150 and utilized the AfterPay option to break up the payments. These small agenda's are usually $450 brand new on LV's website. Within no time this beautiful Louis Vuitton day planner was all mine, and at a steal of a price.

Now the real challenge is where in the world do I find affordable inserts to fill it?

I measured the agenda and counted the rings inside to match up to the paper size needed, then searched online for blank agenda refills. I found these ones that had some bonus pages for me to customize the way I like and came in a huge packet of options for $25. I was on my way to constructing the perfect planner.

I went for a yearly calendar (you fill in the dates yourself), a weekly page option, a note section, and some spare paper at the back.

I did also find that Louis Vuitton offers refill inserts on their website. Since this particular one I have is considered the small agenda size, for $68 I could just get their pages next year if I want to fork up a few more bucks.

Maybe next time I will try the ones they make because my only complaint about these cheaper $25 pages is that the day starts with Monday every week which throws me off when I'm scheduling things. I haven't grown accustomed to that layout yet. I also don't trust my accuracy on getting all the days filled in correctly, I've caught myself messing that up a few times so just be sure to double check it if you go the DIY route and fill in the year yourself.

What I really love about it is now I don't have to buy a new one every year. Before, I would use it once then throw it away at the end of the year or it winds up in a drawer to never be seen again. I can just remove the pages I don't need and start over in the new year. It's high quality, well made, and super cute tucked into my handbag!

Happy thrifting,


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