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Lasting Lashes (5-7 Days)

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

It's almost hard to believe these lashes will last you five to seven days once applied, but believe it! If done correctly, they can last you up to a week, and here are my best tips to make them stay put.


Lilac St. Lash Applicator

Lilac St. Lash Crystal Coat

Lilac St. lash glue

I first tried Lilac St. thanks to my sis-in-law who SWORE by them. I figured if she could make them last, anyone could considering she's an RN who wears face gear all day.

I ordered the Originals Starter kit at first. That came with lashes, glue, and the applicator. I just wanted to feel it out, but as soon as I tried them I went for it and placed another bulk order with Volume 16mm and Feather 16mm because I wanted more drama and was ready to turn it up a notch. Basically, if you're more modest and just want a little extra oompf for your lashes then Originals might be all you need. I like full length so here's my current variation step by step.

(BTW The mm just means the length)

Step 1.

Apply the glue all over one of your natural lashes (do one side at a time)

Let is sit for a few seconds to get tacky, this is when I'm getting the lash ready to apply.

Step 2.

Apply a small strip of glue on the top of the lash, you are about to press up (yes up and under) your top lash. Instead of applying on top like your typical lashes, these press onto your lash from underneath (see video).

I start with a 16mm Feather on the outer lash corner, then work my way in switching to the 14mm French Lace, then will clip down Original 14mm to finish off my inner corner since my lashes get sooo tiny toward the tear duct. This will vary from person to person depending on your eye shape so you adjust how many you need to your liking. You can also build them on top of each other if you want more volume.

Step 3.

Squeeze the lash against your own, press together, and let dry.

Step 4.

Brush Crystal Coat to remove any sticky residue and to set the lash. This gets quicker and quicker as you go I promise. I can do both full sets in under 10 minutes.



If you're a face sleeper like me, your new lashes might get stuck to your skin when you wake up. It's actually quite comical if you have a good sense of humor! I just hold my finger on my lid and gently pull the lash forward back into place. There's something quite satisfying about it if you're a weirdo like I am.

Don't use oily products around the lashes or they won't last as long.

I use a Face Halo to clean around the eye area at night. If I need to clean a bit more because I wore heavier eyeshadow, I will use the Gentle Bubble by Glam Glow, it's a lightweight cleanser but gets the job done! Rub gently around the eye avoiding directly rubbing the extension.

I was just introduced to a new product Lilac St. sent me called the Lash Conditioning Primer but I didn't try it yet! It's essentially a primer you can use to clean the lash area before applying. I got so excited I just went for it and forgot to use it but I recommend cleaning the lash of any previous glue or oils before applying these and you should be able to make these last even longer!


They sort of just, pull off when they're on their final day. You will notice when you go to wash your face they just fall off. I like this especially because I don't want to lose any of my natural lashes so you don't have to pull too hard.

If you have any questions feel free to toss them my way, I am such a huge fan of Lilac St. lashes, and if you are looking for an alternative to lash extensions because of cost or not having the time, these are a great option!

Shop Lilac St. here UPDATE! Use code FIRSTORDER10 to get 10% off your first order!

Here's a visual tutorial on how I do it, tag me on Instagram if you try them so I can see how they turned out!

*Some links are affiliates which means I get a small percentage of the sale if you shop. It's support like this that fuels this blog and is greatly appreciated!

Much love,


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