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Lookbook: Upcycling an Ugly Floral Dress

An upcycled floral dress from a thrift store
The dress upcycled and styled

A $5 Goodwill Dress Upcycle, styled with a harness (but of course) and some sandals.

It's mid-summer in the gardens after all

Ugly Goodwill Floral Dress
Before Photo of Dress

I cut off about two inches and attached the ruffle trim to the bottom. When upcycling a dress, even if you think at first it's ugly, sometimes just shortening it and giving it some new trim can elevate it to a more current style like I did to this floral monstrosity. Less muu muu more, babydoll.

Woman walking in garden
The Back of the finished dress

Kate Spade purse styled with floral dress
Kate Spade tweed handbag

Hand painted press on nails with floral design
Hand-painted nails to match the dress

Makeup avant garde graphic liner
The Makeup

Woman in garden in floral dress
In the gardens, my happy place

Really happy with how this turned out!

Check this link for accessories, makeup, and a dress I found similar if you'd like to mimic this outfit.



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