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Styling Leather Pants This Season

Leather pant outfit ideas
Three Outfit Ideas

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather is so fickle you might change outfits three times before dinner, having spring, autumn, and winter temperatures in one day. This is when we become the masters of layering and something I found that goes with everything for every season for any day, and mood is a really good pair of leather pants. I'm going to share my current favorite pair as well as styling leather pants this season. Especially ones that aren't too hot or too cold, too tight or loose, and fit like oil poured onto your skin.

These are my Goldilocks pants

Leather butt, leather pants
Just Like Leather Vegan Leggings

The Perfect Leathers

Zipping up leather pants
A thoughtful zipper feature

I much prefer faux leather like these ones by Honeylove called the "Just Like Leather" Leggings. They're made of vegan leather and I LOVE that they are more like stretch pants as opposed to tighter-fitting leather trousers. That means they have just the right amount of give and movement but they also really shape my body, especially across the waist, just the way I like it.

I also like that they have a zipper at the ankle so I can choose to wear it flare leg, or I can go more tapered, which also makes it perfect to tuck into a boot.

The Outfits

Woman in band t-shirt and leather pants
The Rock & Roll Western Vibe

The Rock & Roll Western Vibe

An obvious but timeless option to go with leather pants is a super-worn band tee and some cowboy boots. This would be an easy go-to look if you plan to hang out with some friends, go to a concert, or even have a chill dinner out at the pub. Throw on an over-sized chunky cardigan over top to stay warm at night, the bigger the cable-knit on the sweater the better. Think more boho-baggy less granny goes biker. lol

Woman in stylish blazer and leather leggings
Woman in Charge Vibes

Woman In Charge Vibes

If you want to make it look even more smart you can pair leather pants with a blazer. Any color will do but patterns are even more elevated, like this Tommy Hilfiger blazer I scored at the thrift store.

I wore a little Free People oatmeal camisole underneath and because it is still 70° out right now this is the perfect time to continue to incorporate summer shoes before they get stashed away for winter. I went with these espadrille sandals but of course, as the weather changes I can move to flats or I can toss on a boot with this outfit and it would still look great.

Woman in big sweater and leather pants
Cozy Girl Vibes

Cozy Girl Vibes

For the colder season, oversized sweaters with these will look so good. A ballet flat looks great to not overheat or if it’s colder a suede over-the-knee boot would look killer.

I also paired it with a red beret for a pop of color I'm so ready for warm hat season by the way. An oversized jacket or a trench coat over this outfit would be a cool-girl layered-up look.

Until the weather truly does get cooler, I can still enjoy these pants with a really fluffy camisole top OR it would be really cute with a baby doll dress in black vegan leather for a matchy-matchy look. That would be such a unique pairing I will definitely be on the hunt for a (faux) leather dress to make that happen.

Back of a pair of leather pants
Honeylove Just Like Leather Leggings

I'm in awe of my butt in these pants.

Hope those tips were helpful to you regarding how to style some leather pants this autumn and winter season. I love these I got from Honeylove, I’ve really been enjoying them and I cannot wait to wear them all season. I have a feeling I will be going through quite a few pairs of these over the years and are a staple in my wardrobe.

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*sponsored by Honeylove

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