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Magic Belly Juice

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Need a boost? Whenever I'm feeling sluggish and need a pick me up, I tend to go straight for the juicer and toss in all the veggies that will help with my ailments such as gut health and inflammation.

I grew up in a food cures all type of household. My family is full of advocates boasting food can heal and we all know vegetables have a ton of body benefits. However, do you really know what they are helping with in particular? I'm going to share my favorite juice concoction that makes me feel like a million bucks every time my tummy turns into an angry upset beast and also break down ingredient benefits.

Magic Belly Juice

4 carrots

3 beets

Cup of parsley

5 Celery stalks

Bunch of kale

4 Apples

Chunk of ginger

Dash turmeric on top

Serves 2

Here's a link to the juicer I use and recommend, I find it to be the easiest to clean which is major because juicing can get quite messy!


Choose your ailments

My greatest advice is choose what ailment you have

than do some research as to what vegetables (and/or fruits) will help with that specific issue. There are also several books out there that can guide you like this one called "Healing Tonics, Juices, and Smoothies"

Don't forget to save your juice pulp! You can make a veggie broth with it, veggie muffins, or jazz up a smoothie.

Carrots are known for their eye health benefits, but did you know they aid in gut health and digestion too? Here's a breakdown of each veggie and what they help with.

Carrots: bowel regulation, boosts heart health, lowers blood pressure, immune booster, eye health, skin health

Beets: Blood pressure regulation, digestive health, brain health support, weight loss, inflammation fighter

Celery: Antioxidants, reduces inflammation, supports digestions, alkalizing, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Kale: antioxidants, vitamin C, lowers risk of heart disease, vitamin K (blood clot preventative) fiber, iron, toxin remover

Apples: Gut health, weight loss aid, lowers risk of diabetes, asthma fighting compounds

Parsley: Bone health, cancer fighting substances, eye health, heart health, antibacterial, antioxidant rich

Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, boosts brain health and lowers risk of brain diseases, lowers blood pressure

Ginger: Calms upset stomach, anti-inflammatory, regulates blood sugar, eases menstrual pain, reduces diabetes and heart disease risks


I hope you enjoyed this Belly Booster recipe and if you make it, comment below and tell me what you think! I also invite you to share your favorite juice recipe. You really can't go wrong with juicing!

Much love, Seanna

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